As the crow flies


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As the Crow Flies

by Kathleen Regan

Recorded at The Smoakstack in Nashville, TN.




It all started when…

Since childhood, Kathleen Regan has been strongly influenced and inspired by the art of musical storytelling. Kathleen penned her first song at the age of 10, and listening to the melodies and lyrics she created at the age of 13,  her gift for expression through music became undeniable to those around her.

The hours Kathleen spent happily locked away in her bedroom, writing and rehearsing for local performances throughout New England, set her story and dreams into motion before her.  
Following her high-school graduation, Kathleen felt certain that being an artist was the direction she wanted to pursue wholeheartedly. With no plan B, only a spirit of optimism and an eagerness to simply begin, she booked a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, CA, where she spent several months writing and collaborating with any artist who would offer her their time. 

During her time in Los Angeles, Kathleen quickly discovered that songwriting stood out as the heart of her craft and that no place other than Nashville, TN was where her journey would lead her next. Kathleen was eager to learn and grow as a writer, and knew that Music City, TN meant running the big dogs. 

Regan isn’t one to shy away from expressing how she feels or sees the world around her.
Attitude and a strong backbone, a familiar characteristic of fellow Bostonians, are thoughtfully woven into her songwriting.
“I’ve always wanted my music to be honest and freeing,” she says. "My favorite writers never cut corners when it came to the true feeling."


The 25 year old's most recent collection of songs was inspired by a season of expanding her network of artists, writers, and friends who bring out the best in herself and her music, as well as a soul-searching exploration overseas. “I spent 6 weeks alone in Ireland, with really little to no expectations, but what I found was an attraction to those people...  to the way they told stories, and to feel that in a place I had always dreamt of going, truly did light a fire inside of me” she reflects. 

After returning to the United States, Kathleen immediately reached out to friend, co- writer, and 5 time Grammy nominated producer, Paul Moak. “He was the only one in town whose name I wanted on my project,” Kathleen expressed. Together, they dove into a new era of music for Kathleen.  The first release of this project brings the audience into an intimate, live- feeling acoustic set.  The Acoustic Sessions features 2 original songs ”Will You Love Me Now” and “Damn Good Life”––as well as a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”

“It’s very rare to find an artist that knows what they want to say and also has the voice to say it. Combine that with the right time to say it and you have Kathleen Regan. A voice forever with a message now. She truly exists in her own lane.” Says Moak (Matt Kearney, Caitlyn Smith, John Paul White).

The Alternative/Folk writer is pleased to announce the release of her new record, As the Crow Flies (available now on all music platforms).